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Master Sridevi Tố Hải August 10, 2021

Master Sridevi To Hai desires to develop a new profession for Vietnamese people and send yoga and meditation teachers to other countries. She has inspired and trained thousands of yoga teachers and successfully helped many people regain their health. She has also contributed to changing social awareness about health, lifestyle and a respected profession.

Sridevi established Khi Tam Meditation and wrote two books, “Khi Tam Meditation – Art of Body and Mind Cleansing and Life Balancing” and “Khi Tam Therapy – Chakra Application to Heal Body’s Five Elements,” published by the Vietnam Women’s Publishing House.

Master Sridevi To Hai is:

  • President & CEO of the Golden Hearts Group
  • Founder of Khi Tam Therapy International Academy
  • Director of the Institute for Zen Leadership in Asia
  • Vice President of Vietnam Yoga Federation
  • Expert in training non-medicinal naturopathic and restorative practitioners